Original Equipment Manufacturers

If you manufacture equipment that runs on 3-phase power, you should talk to Kay Industries today. Why? Because an improperly sized or installed 3-phase converter can damage your machinery, leaving you with unhappy customers, even though you did nothing wrong.

Kay Industries wants to help you avoid this unhappy fate. We have provided Phasemaster® rotary phase converters to OEMs all over the world, and we would like to do the same for you. Test our phase converter in your lab, with your equipment. See for yourself the unparalleled quality, thorough engineering and documentation of Phasemaster rotary phase converters. When your customer says “I don’t have 3 phase power, what do I do?” you will be able to recommend a Phasemaster three phase converter with confidence.

To find out how to get a test converter for evaluation call us at (800) 348-5257 or email us.