DTP0024 Teco-Westinghouse 2HP Rolled Steel Electric Motor, 1800 RPM


MFG: TECO-Westinghouse




Product Detail:
Frame 145T
HP 2
RPM 1800
Voltage 230/460
Enclosure ODP
Approx. Weight 47.000 LB
List Price $418.00

Product Document Links (PDF):

General Features:
• 2 hp
• 1800 RPM
• Open Drip Proof (IP22)
• Available in Horizontal Foot Mounted or JP/JM Frame Configurations
• Meets or Exceeds EISA Requirements
• Department of Energy Efficiency Certification #CC002A
• 36 Month Warranty from Date of Manufacture
• 60 Hz – 230/ 460V (Usable on 200V and 208V)
• 1.15 Service Factor – Continuous
• Class F Insulation with Phenolic Alkyd Resin Varnish
• Class B Temperature Rise
• NEMA Design B Torques
• Oversized Main Conduit Box Rotatable in 90 Degree Increments – F1 Mounted.
• Designed for 40°C Ambient Temperature – Note (1)
• Designed for 3300 ft. Elevation – Note (2)
• Bidirectional Rotation
• Rolled Steel Frame and Conduit Box
• 1045 Carbon Steel Shaft
• Aluminum Die Cast Squirrel Cage Rotor Construction
• Paint System: Phenolic Rust Proof Base Plus Polyurethane Top Coat
• Paint Color: ASGA Light Gray – Munsell N5.0, ASGH Blue – Munsell 5PB 3/8
• Double Shielded Bearings Pre-Packed with MULTEMP SRL Grease
• Grounding Terminal Inside Main Box
• Stainless Steel Nameplate
• VFD Rated per NEMA MG1, Part 31, 4.4.2 – Note (3)(4)
• Speed Ranges: 20:1 VT, 10:1 CT
• 9 Leads
• Motors are UL Recognized, CSA Approved, and CE Marked
• Precautions should be taken to eliminate or reduce shaft currents that may be imposed on the motor by the VFD as stated per NEMA MG1 Part


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