E-Phase “Digital” Electronic Phase Converter – 5 HP



This a general-purpose electronic phase converter.  However, due to its built-in digital controls many people call it a “digital phase converter”.

The E-Phase 5 HP Digital Phase Converter is a reliable source of true three-phase power. When connected to a 230 volt 1-phase line, the Type TMA™ phase converter produces 3-phase power at its output terminals with each phase shifted 120°. You get a near replica of utility 3-phase power-more economically.

E-Phase is a new hybrid Electronic Rotary Phase Converter. It merges Kay Industries patented induction generator designs with the most modern controls found in digital phase converters today.

E-Phase™ “digital rotary phase converter” technology aids in the startup of motors external of the phase converter downstream. Plus, we have added a superboost controller that uses solid state switching to re-engage the start capacitors at zero degree crossing. Which in turn, surges 650% more current to the motors during their startup while minimizing the in-rush.

5 HP Digital Phase Converter is designed for: Air compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, large flywheels and any onerous starting motor.


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