Miniphase® Static Phase Converter – 3/4 HP



Miniphase® Static Phase Converter – 3/4 HP are designed to work with motors that have medium to moderate starting loads.

MiniPhase® SPC Model converters will work well on most motor applications except those that require longer than a three-second start-up time such as a wheel balancer.

MiniPhase® SPC models are also not recommended for motor applications requiring 100% of the motor-rated HP continuously.

This problem can be solved in many applications by simply reducing the motor pulley size by at least 20 to 30%.  For full-load and multi-motor applications see Phasemaster® Duty Rotary Converters.

Kay Industries’ new prepackaged Heavy Duty Solid State Minphase® SPC Model Static Phase Converters open up a wider range of applications than Standard static converters. That’s because MiniPhase® SPC Model Converters are designed for use with motor running capacitors.

Run capacitors can help your motor operate closer to the rated horsepower of the motor.

MiniPhase® SPC Model Converters are 100% solid state, with no chattering, and no re-generative effects on shut off, no contacts to burn. Miniphase® Static Phase Converter – 3/4 HP also provides significantly more starting torque than Standard static phase converters.

Simply compare feature to feature with any other make static converter and you see why MiniPhase® SPC Model Converters are your clear solid-state choice

* Must reduce motor pulley size

Always see instructions for caution and limitations of the MiniPhase® SPC Model.


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