Phasemaster® Type T Rotary Phase Converter For Broadcasting

Good transmitter sites are hard to find. Don’t let a lack of 3-phase power dictate your choice. A Phasemaster® Type T rotary phase converter will power your station reliably, and for a lot less than utility-supplied 3-phase.

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Kay Industries will require the following data to help you select the appropriate Type T converter for your application.

  • Transmitter type (AM, FM, or TV)
  • Manufacturer’s model number and KW power rating
  • Operating voltage § Type and size of incoming utility services (amps)
  • Transmitter input power consumption at full load or 100% modulation (KW)
  • Operating load variations
  • Other 3-phase loads

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All Phasemaster® rotary phase converters can be tailored to meet your specific application needs with a wide range of accessories including.

  • Automatic controls enable remote monitoring of unattended or cyclical applications.
  • Disconnect switches provide simple and fast installation-2 wires in, 3 wires out.
  • Surge protectors safeguard converters from lightning or other surges.
  • Transformers handle special voltage requirements
  • Outdoor enclosures provide maximum weather protection in severe environment

Learn more about the Phasemaster® Type T by clicking on any of the resources below:
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