SD-60 Phasemaster® Rotary Phase Converter Standard 480v


Made in the USA, and shipped around the world. The SD-60 Phasemaster® Rotary Phase Converter Standard 240v changes a 480-volt, 1-phase service to an equivalent 3-phase output.


Dealers and Supplier call (574) 236-6220 to qualify for pricing discounts on the SD-60 Phasemaster® Rotary Phase Converter Standard 240v.

Manufactured in the US, Phasemaster® is a leading rotary phase converter that changes a 480-volt, 1-phase service to an equivalent 3-phase output.

Unless, you know what you are doing, we strongly suggest you contact us for the correct sizing of your application and available single-phase utility.

Our rotary phase converters for sale will efficiently operate any 3-phase equipment from an existing 1-phase supply and will provide years of trouble-free service.

The output of the MA is just like a utility 3-phase. It can power any combination of motors, heaters, rectifiers, and variable sped drives.

Any machine operating on a MA phase converter will deliver its full-rated nameplate output and will perform identically as if connected to utility 3-phase, except at a fraction of the cost of a new service.

The SD-60 model Phasemaster® phase converter is designed with the highest capacity and the most overload capability in the industry.

All converters are available with a wide range of optional built-in controls.

The output of the MA phase converter is a real 3-phase 3-wire delta.

Each of the phase voltages is a true sine wave separated by 120 degrees and will deliver closely balanced currents to the load equipment.

The stored energy of the unique patented construction enables it to ride through short-term line voltage transients including over-voltage spikes and the more common under-voltage sags. Installation of the MA is made easy with it not having to be bolted down and can be quickly connected to product 3-phase in just a few hours.

The flexibility of the MA is also empowered by the optional accessories, including automatic controls, primary disconnect switch and fuses, outdoor weatherproof enclosures, reduced in-rush current starting, voltage regulation for CNC machines, lightning & surge protection, transformers for special output voltages, and buck-boost. Key features of the MA:

  • Outdoor weatherproof enclosures
  • Quietest converter
  • Least cost alternative

1.5 HP Rotary Phase Converter, Phasemaster® SD-60, 480 VAC Single Phase Input, 480VAC Three Phase Output (For General Purpose Equipment) Built By Kay Industries.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Kay Industries
Series: MA Series
Model #: SD-60
Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer / Limited Lifetime
Enclosure: NEMA 1
Cooling Type: Convection Cooled
Horsepower: 1.5 HP
Input Voltage(s): 480 VAC Input
Output Voltage: 480 VAC Output
Input Phase(s): Single Phase Input
Output Phase: Three Phase Output
Phase Converter: Yes
Output Current:
Height: 12.0 Inches
Width: 11 Inches
Depth: 10.0 Inches
Weight: 64 lbs
Digital Input(s):
Digital Output(s):
Analog Input(s):
Analog Output(s):
Operating Mode(s):
Integrated EPM Module: No
Integrated Keypad: No
Integrated Fwd / Rev Switch: No
Integrated Line Filter: No
Integrated Speed Pot: No
Integrated Disconnect: No
Integrated Brake Chopper: No
Integrated Communications: No



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