Sound Levels

The Phasemaster® rotary phase converter is designed to be easy on the ears. As with all rotating machines, it is not possible to eliminate all sound and vibration but the Phasemaster is as good as it gets. The reason why the converter is so much quieter than most other converters on the market is in its superior engineered construction and lower running speed.


Model Starting HP Listen In
MA-1 5 [player id=443]
MA-3 15 [player id=447]
MA-5 25 [player id=448]


All Phasemaster phase converters operate at 1800 RPM. Most other makes run at 3600 RPM. The result is that the Phasemaster makes much less windage and mechanical noise. Every converter is operated and checked for excessive noise and vibration BEFORE leaving the factory. Phasemaster rotary converter sound measurements are taken in accordance with IEEE Standard No. 85 Test Procedure for Airborne Sound Measurements on Rotating Electrical Machinery.

Listen to the actual starting and running sound of typical converter ratings. Note, these are true untampered recordings of each converter measured at a distance of 10 feet. Consult factory for sound files of other ratings.