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  • Electric suppliers
  • Electrical Equipment Distributors

Kay Industries, Inc. is ready to partner with you. Known as the leading manufacturer of rotary phase converters, we can offer both branded and private label 3PH phase converters. For all your rotary converter needs, you can trust Kay Industries, Inc.

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Kay Industries makes it easy for you to sell our 3-Phase converters

  • Most models are in stock for rapid delivery
  • Kay Industries rotary 3-phase converters are the most reliable phase converters on the market
  • Our unparalleled support and documentation will help you to be sure that your customers get the right phase converter for their applications
  • Our warranty and post sales service are the best in the industry
  • We offer private label phase converter manufacturing solutions.

To find out more about our distribution program, call us at (800) 348-5257 or email us.

If you are a Kay Industries distributor, and you need help for a customer sale, or the latest version of our catalog, send a note to our distributor support specialist.

All electric supply distributors are welcome. We look forward to working with us.

Electrical Supply Distributors of Kay Industries Phase Converters

Knowledge. Trust. Reliablity.

“When one of our clients requires a phase converter we turn to Kay Industries for answers.

They possess the 3 things we need most from a manufacturer.

Knowledge. Trust. Reliability.

It does not hurt that they are local too.

If you are looking for a three phase converter, that will not come back from non warranty issues like incorrect sizing, then we recommend you establish a relationship with Kay Industries, just like we have for years.”

Mel K. – Kemp Electric