Type TMA™ Rotary Phase Converter

The best engineered, most reliable Electronic Phase Converter with Digital Controls you can buy.


If you are looking for unmatched precision in an electronic phase converter with the latest digital controls, our E-Phase series is made for you.

This general-purpose phase converter is a reliable source of true three-phase power. When connected to a 230 volt 1-phase line, the Type TMA™ phase converter produces 3-phase power at its output terminals with each phase shifted 120°. You get a near replica of utility 3-phase power-more economically.

E-Phase is a new hybrid Electronic Rotary Phase Converter. It merges Kay Industries patented induction generator designs with the most modern controls found in digital phase converters today. E-Phase digital rotary phase converter technology aids in the startup of motors external of the phase converter downstream. Plus, we have added a superboost controller that uses solid state switching to re-engage the start capacitors at zero degree crossing. Which in turn, surges 650% more current to the motors during their startup while minimizing the in-rush.

Designed for: Air compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, large flywheels and any onerous starting motor.

Reliability is important and supported with a 5 year warranty.  In true American form we build each E-Phase™ digital phase converter to work hard for you everyday, for a very long time.

Look at our application guide to find out which model is best for your application, take a look at the product literature, or contact us for assistance.

All Kay Industries rotary phase converters can be tailored to meet your specific application needs with a wide range of accessories including.

Automatic controls enable remote monitoring of unattended or cyclical applications.

Disconnect switches provide simple and fast installation-2 wires in, 3 wires out.

Surge protectors safeguard converters from lightning or other surges.

Transformers handle special voltage requirements

Outdoor enclosures provide maximum weather protection in severe environments.