Why Buy A Phase Converter?

“I cannot wait to buy my first rotary phase converter?”

These are words that no human being in their right mind would ever utter; [sorry Mr. Katz, Mr. Buffington, and Mr. Rohena].

Yet, if you buy a new ice cream machine to generate extra revenue at the pizzeria, or a pivot irrigation system to grow crops on new land you recently purchased, or your business is in a rural area where 3 phase utility power is unavailable; well then you have a problem.

It is a challenge which only a variable frequency drive, a static or rotary phase converter will solve it. We cover the differences in our blog posts below.

Prior to 1987, there were only 3 major players in the rotary phase converter space. They were Arco, Ronk, and of course Kay Industries.

Today, thanks to the evolution of the 3ph induction generator, over 125 phase converter manufacturers exist, however, only 5 are major players. They are Arco [Kirby Risk], Ronk, PhazPak, North American Rotary, and Kay Industries. The others either spend a ton on marketing, or are solely running assembly lines.

Read our history page to learn how Arco and Ronk came into existence, [they are sort of like baby bell companies of Kay]. Phazpak is great at building standard units, and solid state starter, but, they cannot get you 480v, nor add-on features, yet, Kay Industries, the “Original Phase Converter Company” keeps evolving.

Why buy a phase converter from Kay Industries?

Every converter purchased from Kay Industries is custom-built, specifically for your given application. And, as you read the blog posts below, you will discover our level of expertise and knowledge is unsurpassed.

We strive to learn ever application, test our converters on OEM equipment, and attend numerous industry training events to stay abreast on the newest technologies and trends.

As you read you will also learn of unique applications and several famous installation of brands we private-label. Brands like AgPhase®, AMG Bolting Solutions™, Phasemaster®, Sunwood USA™, and others.

I hope you enjoy our post, and if you need one, you will decide to buy a phase converter from Kay Industries?

No 3 Phase? No Problem!