Electrical Consultants,

At Kay Industries, No 3 Phase means…

“No Problem!”

Since 1971, Kay Industries has been providing consultants with techinical support and guidance.

Our rotary 3-Phase Converters are the leading choice of machinery power design and electrical consultants all over the world.

Our phase converters and three phase power knowledge are the most reliable, best documented, and best supported in the phase converter industry.

When your client needs a 3-phase converter, or solution to solve an distribution power challenge, you can rely on the team at Kay Industries with confidence. We have helped countless of electrical consultants.

Heck, we even help out with other phase converter brands. And, we guarentee we will help you too. If by some miracle we don’t know the answer, we have the resources to find it.

If you are an electrical consultant, and you want more information, including a complete catalog, or if you simply need support for a current customer call Kay Industries at (800) 348-5257, or email us.

Electrical Consultant 3 Phase Power - Rotary Converter - Kay Industries

We'll never use another source again!

“Some years back, after shopping around, and getting some different quotes we felt Kay Industries provided the best information and had the most knowledge, however, their quote for a 40 HP application was far from the cheapest.

So, we thought we would use they quoted size and buy a cheaper phase converter.

Well, we got what we bought. It turns out cheaper it exactly that. When we went back to Kay Industries they told us to,.. ‘always compare weights not rating size, because not all manufacturers use the same rating system’. We told them, that is not necessary, we’ll never use another source again.”

– Brittani S., Surety Property Management