Private Label Phase Converter Manufacturing

 Confidential 3rd-party manufacturing.

Licensed by Phasemaster™

Looking to feature our own phase converter brand?

Have a shortage of general labor employees?

Looking to outsource your phase converter production needs?

If you said “yes” to either or both of these questions, you need to speak with Kay Industries today.


Kay Industries is the only US manufacturer licensed by Phasemaster® to use its patented rotary system.

We have provided confidental private label phase converter manufacturing to brands all over the world, and we would like to do the same for you.

Test our phase converter manufacturing capabilities today.

See for yourself the unparalleled quality, thorough engineering and documentation of Kay Industries built phase converters.

When your Operations Manager says “I don’t have enough people to meet demand, what do I do?” you will be able to recommend a call to Kay Industries with confidence.

To find out how to get start with private label phase converter manufacturing call us at (800) 348-5257 or email us for evaluation.

Licensed by Phasemaster™ - Private Label Phase Converter Manufacturing

Licensed by Phasemaster™

“When you see the words,  licensed by Phasemaster, that means something in the phase converter world.

While we utilize other manufacturers for our digital phase converter brand production, Kay Industries has been our manufacturer of choice for rotary 3 phase converter product manufacturing since 1971.

We blindly trust Kay Industries phase converter manufacturing capabilities, and you should too.”

Rob R. – Phasemaster, LLC

Sunwood USA™ - CNC Rated Phase Converters

“We trust only two manufacturer for our Sunwood USA™ branded products. Kay Industries is by far the most trusted and reliable source we have.

Frankly, anyone can built a phase converter, however, their expertise and after sales support is what sets them apart from other private label manufacturers.”

Alan G. – Sunwood USA