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Customers from all over the world have sent us letters telling us how happy they are with Phasemaster quality and Kay Industries service. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, or a “mom and pop” business, we are committed to your total satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have to say.

Elevator Application

“After being burnt by a local phase converter repair company, it left us, a small company, without an elevator and facing thousands of dollars to get up and running. To say the least we were discouraged.  Through your efforts, your knowledge and ability to coordinate the project, the resounding integrity of you and your co., you got us up and running.”

-Ed Troisi
Owner of Chocksett Inn | Sterling, MA

Broadcast Transmitter

“This is to confirm that we purchased and put to use in 1976, a (Phasemaster) phase converter for use with our AM 5,000 watt transmitter. This unit has never given any trouble, requires very little maintenance and is still running today without giving any trouble. I would recommend this phase converter to anyone. It is almost 19 years old and still running strong.”


Ken Bryant
Operation Manager at Seneca Broadcasting | White Sulphur Springs, WV

Metalworking Application

“In 1996, I imported a new and very expensive Swiss metal working lathe fitted with a three phase 220 Volt 60 Hertz motor. I found myself desperate to convert my 220 V single phase power to 220 V three phase power. I ordered the Phasemaster Rotary Phase converter model MA-00 from Kay Industries.  The lathe performed flawlessly from the start. I seriously recommend the Phasemaster for people in my predicament. …The technical support form Kay Industries was reassuring and professional.”

Dr. Martin Margolies
Pagusa Springs, CO

Medical Equipment

“Thank you for the technical support you provided to us during the past two month to complete the Siemens mammography installation at Dr. Suruli’s office.

The entire system is now functioning propertly. Seimens Medical systems is pleased with the final results of our combined efforts.

-Steven W. Talbot, PE
Independent Authorized Siemens Service Technician | Farmington, MI

Metalworking Application

“We have a small machine shop in a rural part of the country where three phase service is not offered. We are also at the end of the power company’s branch line which often results in power surges and power drops….Our Elox wire EDM machine cannot stand any voltage variance of more than +/- 2 volts. The Phasemaster phase converter with voltage stabilization has solved this problem.

Your friendly and helpful service and sales staff made purchasing and installing our Phasemaster very easy. Thank you for the good service, we will always turn to you for our phase converter needs.”

-Robert V. Earl Jr.
Co-Owner at Early’s Precision Machining | Sanford, NC

Woodworking Application

“In dealing with you and Kay Industries, I was impressed with the care that was taken in getting ready for my converter installation. You had me measure line voltage and adjust it with a buck-boost transformer ((competitor) never even asked). My new converter came with an excellent manual that included connection diagrams and a trouble shooting guide as well as a nice data collection spreadsheet for recording readings!

I’ve learned that you can’t just compare numbers when it comes to converters the (competitor) was sized optimistically, whereas the Kay is sized very conservatively. The Kay unit is actually larger than the other and will start bigger loads. But more than that, the people behind the company are the most important part of a transaction like this. You and the people from Kay have been great. Thanks for helping me get my business going.”

-Paul Kaufman
Owner at Black Creek Woodworks |Grandin, MO

Metalworking Application

“I believe it was President Roosevelt who passed the Rural Electrification Act over 50 years ago. Unfortunately, the government has not yet gotten to Casco Michigan with three phase power. Fortunately for us, we found your company. I would like to thank Terry Harlen and the rest of your staff for their help in making three phase power work for us.

Over the years, we have purchased (3) 15 HP units, (1) 25 HP unit and a 30 HP unit. All have served us well. Every one of your units (was) installed and went to work immediately, not the case with most things we purchase.…I would again like to thank you for your honesty and support. It’s getting harder to find such nice people to work with.”

-Paul Sattler 
Shop Foreman at Sattler, Inc. | Casco, MI

Broadcast Transmitter

“On September 9th this year, we began operation from a new transmitter location on top of Greenbrier Mountain (elevation 3,000 ft.) This move was made possible because of the availability of your Phasemaster Converter. Our 5000 watts Bauer transmitter requires three-phase service and we are delighted to tell you that the converter is performing its job exceptionally well.

The cost of constructing a three-phase power line (4 miles) to accomplish the same end would have been in excess of $25,000.00.

WSLW’s service area is now approximately twice its original size and listener potential has been more than doubled. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the results of our re-location project and I would not hesitate to recommend your converter to anyone needing this type of service.”

-Claude F. Jones
Vice President and General  Manager at WSLW Radio | White Sulphur Springs, WV

Metering Equipment

“I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased we are with your new Phasemaster. I had called several other manufacturers, but due to our unusual request for accuracy without any real load, we received the common answer of “we can’t help you”…Your design and equipment have met all our needs at a very practical cost. What more could we ask? Again, we thank you for your help and a very stable product.”

-John Wierema
President at Alpha Meter Service | Sparta, MI