Type MP™ Static Phase Converter

The best engineered, most popular Static Phase Converter you can buy.

Light, inexpensive, and easy to install, the Type MP Miniphase® static converter is the best way to operate light-duty 3-phase machine tools from a 1-phase source. A Miniphase converter is ideal for single motor equipment, such as milling machines, saws, grinders, drills and many other loads. Plus, you get the same engineered quality, operating capability,
attentive service, and thorough documentation that have made Phasemaster® rotary converters the industry leader in phase conversion.

All Kay Industries static phase converters deliver:

Superior Features at Low Cost


√ Develops up to 90% of motor nameplate HP

√ Large and easily accessible wiring compartment

√ Built-in self protecting circuit breaker

√ Installs in minutes – 2 wires in, 3 wires out

√ Pre-punched mounting holes and knockouts

√ Precision engineered and crafted in USA

√ Money back performance guarantee

√ Two year warranty


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