Woodworking Machinery Phase Converters

Phasemaster® CNC Phase Converters for Woodworking Equipment

Woodworking shops come in all sizes. Larger facilities generally are located in areas already served by three-phase power, but not always.

And, even if 3 phase utility is available you pay more per 3PH kilowatt hour versus 1PH kilowatt hour, plus if you move, you cannot take it with you.

For the small and medium size shops, a woodworking machinery phase converters is often the most cost effective alternative.

A Phasemaster® rotary phase converter can supply power to multiple machines.

A typical shop might include a 5HP sliding table saw, 5HP planer, 5HP dust collector and edgebander with several small motors and glue heater.

This arrangement of equipment could easily be fed from a single converter with a rating no larger than 10HP.

Each year Kay Industries either exhibits at or attends the Association of Woodworkers and Finishers Show in Atlanta or Las Vegas to stay up to date on the latest innovations in woodworking equipment electric controls.

In fact, the evolution of our “voltage sensor, to now our “load sensing voltage” (LSV) adder is a result of internal control changes made by several German woodworking equipment manufacturers. The LSV helps by reducing the in-rush current and stabilizing the 120 degree sinewaves.

What are woodworking machinery phase converters?

Rotary Phase Converters draw energy from two-single phase lines which make use of a idle motor which is converted into a induction generator as a source for energy.

Woodworking machinery phase converters can merge with the other lines to produce power. 

3 types of CNC rotary phase converters

Standard Rotary Phase Converters

Why invest in a CNC Rotary Phase Converter For Woodworking

It is true there are other options out there to get three-phase power to your equipment.

Our Miniphase™ static converters for example could do the trick at 20% to 30% less power. So, could a VFD if every motor is the same size and running at the same speed.

Each option has its pros and cons, but it does come down to what is affordable for you and your situation.

The options are to get three-phase power through your utility line, a gas or diesel generator, or through a rotary phase converter.

Three phase generator is a good option if there is no power at the site.

They can run on gas or diesel fuel.

Generators are also available in both single-phase and three-phase options.  There are many different sizes available depending on specific needs.

The price is also reflected by the size of the generator and can range greatly.

When someone thinks of getting three phase power they think of Utility three phase. 

Alternatively, if you have 240v to plug in your coffee pot, or run your company, then if sized properly a Phasemaster® CNC Rotary Phase Converter For Woodworking is perfect for you.

Characteristics of woodworking machines

Woodworking machinery are rather easy to start and not to severe.

This includes saws, drills, wide-belt sanders, boring machines, routers, among others.

All woodworking equipment and furnishing machines must be treated according to its respective operating characteristics.

Severe loads that run at high speed include shapers, jointers, and planers.

Edgebanders have a mix of frequency drives and glue heaters which can become problematic.

A well informed phase converter representative should be able to sort through the specifics and recommend an appropriate selection. 

Kay Industries, Phasemaster® LLC, Sunwood USA and other authorized distributors of CNC Rotary Phase Converter For Woodworking have been trained by Kay Industries leading engineer and scientific mind Larry Katz for over 51 years.

What you must know in order to apply a woodworking machinery CNC phase converters in your shop

Any load can be operated from a phase converter.

Careful sizing is the key to a successful installation.

It is important to be familiar with HP or KW ratings of each machine that you will be running. Typically, HP and kW are treated as 1 to 1, however, it you are seeking to achieve Electrical Code, then 1 to 1.267 to a bit more accurate.

You must also find out which machines will be operating together. Sometimes an internal control of one piece of woodworking equipment might protect against currents from other piece of machinery. There are varies accessories and adders that can by-pass these controls and regulate the voltages. Please speak to a Kay Industries phase converter expert prior to buying a machine. Or, have the equipment dealer reach out to us. Most likely, we already have a relationship with the manufacturer of the expert and will make the best phase converter selection for you.

These steps are important in order to make sure you are getting a converter of the right capacity and the woodworking equipment you desire.

Service size

Sometimes great plans get sidetracked when the available service is inadequate to supply the equipment to be operated.

Some may ask how much single-phase service is needed to run a line-up of machines. 

Their is no limits on how much 3-phase equipment you plan to run.

If you don’t have enough single-phase service you don’t need to worry about what size converter to purchase.

In order to supply Single phase loads such as lighting, HVAC, single-phase machinery, etc you already have enough service over and above what is needed to power a Phasemaster® phase converter designed and balanced for CNC operations.

Phasemaster® CNC Phase Converters for Woodworking - By Kay Industries