Product Family

The Kay Industries 3-phase converter product family are without question the quietest rotary converters made.

We have spent years perfecting the design to make certain that noise and vibration are kept to an absolute minimum.

The physical workmanship and appearance of Kay Industries rotary 3-phase converters are so good that many people tell us it looks like it’s made for a hospital operating room instead of a factory floor.

In fact, using Phasemaster® licensing, Kay Industries had built custom rotary converters for use in medical clinics where they power X-ray machines and precision lasers for delicate ophthalmic surgery.

Kay Industries rotary 3-phase converters are built on the largest frames in the industry.

That means more starting torque and more total horsepower capacity. Just compare the weight of Kay Industries phase converters to any other make. We still believe you get what you pay for.

Whether you need to power an air compressor, a woodworking shop, or a laser, you’ll find the Kay Industries® Type MA™ rotary three phase converter up to the task.

This general-purpose rotary phase converter is a reliable source of true three-phase power.

When connected to a 230 volt 1-phase line, the Type MA™ phase converter produces 3-phase power at its output terminals with each phase shifted 120°.

You get a near replica of utility 3-phase power-more economically.