Type T™ Rotary Phase Converter For Broadcasting

3-Phase Power on Your Terms

Good transmitter sites are hard to find. Don’t let a lack of 3-phase power dictate your choice. A Kay Industries Type T™ rotary phase converter will power your station reliably, and for a lot less than utility-supplied 3-phase.

With a Kay Industries Type T™ rotary phase converter you get:

Reduced outages from line noise or voltage spikes.

Type T™ phase converters store excess energy in their rotating magnetic field, which buffers the line and lets your equipment ride through short-term disturbances.

High-efficiency design. Our patented construction “Licensed by Phasemaster®” not only operates at 95% efficiency, but also regulates output voltage to minimize AM noise.

Immediate power. Easy installation gives you the power when you need it, not when your utility can get around to it.

The backing of an experienced partner.

Kay Industries has been serving broadcasters like you for over 30 years, providing the converters to 96% of broadcasting towers in the world. 

That is power to 1,000 radio and TV stations worldwide.

Kay Industries will require the following data to help you select the appropriate Type T converter for your application.

  • Transmitter type (AM, FM, or TV)
  • Manufacturer’s model number and KW power rating
  • Operating voltage § Type and size of incoming utility services (amps)
  • Transmitter input power consumption at full load or 100% modulation (KW)
  • Operating load variations
  • Other 3-phase loads

Contact us for further assistance.

All Type T™ rotary phase converters can be tailored to meet your specific application needs with a wide range of accessories including.

Automatic controls enable remote monitoring of unattended or cyclical applications.

Disconnect switches provide simple and fast installation-2 wires in, 3 wires out.

Surge protectors safeguard converters from lightning or other surges.

Transformers handle special voltage requirements

Outdoor enclosures provide maximum weather protection in severe environments.