E-Phase® Masterphase Series

Electronic Rotary Phase Converter

Electronic Phase Converter - Digital Phase Converter - E-Phase

E-Phase  Masterphase™ is a highly engineered electronic “digital” rotary converter with tight voltage balance control.   It is similar to the more cost-effective Phasemaster® MA Series with an added LSV, however, this model has the latest digital internal controls.

The E-Phase Masterphase™ electronic rotary phase converter is ideally suited for ultra voltage sensitive machines, high performance machines and/or multiple loads running simultaneously, because in uses electrolytic capacitors at start-up and features digital controllers.

This phase converter features the newest industry advancement in rotary phase converter innovation and technology.  The E-Phase Masterphase™ electronic 3-phase rotary converter features is a 8 stage automatic voltage regulation.  Solid state switches are used to regulate the voltage and provide precision balancing across all three legs of power for your important equipment to run as efficient as possible. If you run expensive, high-end equipment, run a E-Phase Masterphase™ electronic rotary converter with digital controllers.

Ideal Applications: CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, motors controlled by a variable frequency drives or equipment loaded with electronics and critical voltage balance requirements.  Yes, and MA-LSV will do the trick if saving money is more important than having the best converter to run your machinery.

Special magnetic controls that reduce the converter starting current by 70% are “friendly” to weak utility services and avoid excessive power demand on the incoming service.

Automatic Voltage Regulation and In-Rush Current Controls

  • E-Phase Masterphase™ Electronic rotary phase converter has a built-in feature that detects your starting motor(s) and instantly gives them a boost current for fast motor acceleration without providing too much of an in-rush.
  • Uses high current (double rated) and high voltage (1600 volts)  switches for longer converter life
  • Synchronizes the voltage when reconnecting the start capacitors
  • Allows for flying restart of motors
  • Employs self healing oil filled motor starting capacitors
  • Provides the industries brightest and friendliest sales and tech-support
  • Built and assembled in the Midwest of the United States, and sold globally.